One, Two

Shadow if nearby a horse
Horse if sensing the shadow of a whip
Whip if charcoal black
Charcoal if drawing of a dog
Dog if testing a flame on the edge of a field
Flame if casting a shadow at dawn
Kitchen if welcoming bees
Bee & Ant being sick together in one story
Ox Ox Ox Ox Ox Ox Ox
Moonlight if amped up, if within striking distance
Mountains up close, in the distance, with or without clouds, mist or fog, snow tipped
Rivers if darkened by shadows mountains cast
Heart if castaway to travel far so as to be with another heart, soon, sorry, sad
Beggar if sitting on a sidewalk with cardboard & begging bowl, unmistaken
Tiger if symbol of power
Teeth if bared
Gnat if everywhere
Hen if dim and pecking without end
Star if nameless, star if in twilight
Sheep if by two, sheep if by night
Boat if situated two lengths down from a hill top
Cart if ambling ox ox ox ox ox ox ox ox to the sea
Ant & Bee being sick together in one bed
Pot if fit with a broken lid
Swan if swimming with me & my skiff
Sparrow if that is what you like to call me
Umbrella if we stand together
Straw if darker where my sweat settled into it
Rags if you like the sound of ripping
Fish if fish not fowl maybe fair
Bridge if agreeing to be all it can be
Bowl if fine with fitting an owl in it
Blossoms if they bite you

-Dara Weir